Dominican Republic Properties’ Buyer Profiles

We have the best buyers in the world. They become friends, first with us, and then with each other. The following are a few of our buyers, what they purchased, and their experience.

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Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa (custom plan to be built)
Purpose: Eventual Retirement/Vacation Home/Income Property

We met Dan and Susan several years ago at a trade show.  Their interest was peaked about the Dominican Republic once they learned more about the options available here and about the large community of expats.  After some time answering questions and discussing the Dominican at length,  they came to the DR for a tour of the area, real estate, and to get an idea of what real life here is like.  Both loved the weather, property choices, large community and endless opportunities for activities and relaxation.  They are several years away from retirement, but were looking for that warm weather place to go in the winter months when they do finally stop working. In the meantime, they want to own a DR property to use for vacations and love that it can earn rental income to help cover monthly costs.  They like the privacy a villa affords, so opted to build a custom made home.  Construction starts in a few weeks.  They were pleasantly surprised by the affordable price and the great options they received.  They’ve chosen a large lot with lots of room later for a guest house or entertaining space.

Purchased: 6 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use and Rental

Peter and Barbara met us at a trade show in Calgary several years ago. They became interested in owning in the DR for their own vacations, but mostly they liked the income that can be earned with a rental property.  With that in mind, they have had a six bedroom villa constructed. It will be like having a small B&B but without any of the marketing or work!  They do plan to visit their home and spend holidays here with their kids and grandkids. Luckily they will have lots of bedrooms!

Of their buying experience: “We so appreciate everything Colleen and Mel have done to make our buying experience truly amazing.  Their help was and is invaluable and gave us more confidence in the whole ‘out of country’ purchasing of real estate.  They came alongside us with support, advice and genuine interest in our plans and ideas.  My husband first met with Colleen in Calgary at a Trade Show and communicated with her for almost two years before we actually made the trip to the DR.   Colleen and Mel addressed our concerns and fears, we met other Canadian owners and now we both are enthusiastic, owners of a beautiful property in the DR.”

Purchased: 2 Bedroom Villa (resale)
Purpose: Retirement

Michael and Joanne love the DR and plan to make this their retirement haven. They purchased a lovey resale villa with a huge lot and beautiful pool.  For the first year they used the villa as a rental property, but Joanne has now retired and is spending winters here.  Next year Michael will also enjoy  retirement life in their tropical home.  They plan to add another bedroom and outside entertaining area with kitchen.

Of their DR experience they say, “My husband and I had been looking for our “place in the sun” for quite a while. We wanted to explore the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We searched online to find a Realtor that had similar ideals that we could connect with….someone who would understand exactly what we were looking for. We were very fortunate finding DR Properties and Colleen Valerio. We loved the fact that they were from Canada and knew they would understand what a Canadian needs to feel secure in a foreign country.
Colleen and her wonderful husband Mel came to pick us up for our house hunting expedition. What a great few days we had with them! Colleen’s philosophy was not to “just show us houses”, but to introduce us to “living in the Dominican Republic”. Of course, she showed us houses; but they also took us to the grocery store, showed us where the pharmacy, the hospital, the hardware store, great local restaurants and many other places were located, because “If you are going to live here, you need to know these things!” They introduced us to many expats (most of them were Canadians), many of whom have become good friends. We bought ourselves a lovely villa in Casa Linda. Colleen & Mel helped us every step of the way. They introduced us to our lawyer, helped us secure insurance, and explained the entire process of how to purchase a home in the Dominican Republic.
We can’t begin to thank Colleen and Mel enough. They have gone from being our Realtor to being two people we are proud to call great friends!

Purchased: New 3-bedroom villa
Purpose: Personal use and rental

Sheldon and Nancy are originally from Calgary, but retired to the interior of BC. They love the summers and all there is to do there, but don’t want to be in snow anymore for the winter months. They are constructing a 2-bedroom home to use to escape the cold Canadian months and will return summers. Sheldon was initially concerned that he might be bored here, but soon realized how large the community is and how many activities there are to take part in here on the north coast.

“we are a couple of very happy snowbirds… No shovels, no icy windshields, no dead batteries, no freezing tootsies …..well, you get the picture! What we do have, for a very affordable price, are great new friends, great weather, an interesting beautiful caribbean country to explore and a very relaxing retirement lifestyle. Our new home in the Dominican Republic fits our lifestyle to a T… Three bedrooms, three bath, room for family and friends and a beautiful sea vista for us to enjoy by our pool. We enjoyed the excellent support, services and friendship provided by Colleen and Mel as we worked through the process of choosing and building a home in Casa Linda. We continue to enjoy their friendship along with the other fantastic people we have met.”

Purchased: 2-Bedroom Condo in Cabarete
Purpose: Winter away from the cold

Mom Irene and son Kevin purchased a 2-bedroom condo just a short walk to Cabarete Beach. Kevin is still working in Canada, but plans to come to the DR as much as his schedule will allow. Irene is already wintering here. She now has a new dog to call her own and can be seen taking him for walks along the beach.

This condo is perfect for Irene as it’s walking distance to everything, including the grocery store across the street. It’s a big unit, with a huge terrace (Irene has made it an indoor/outdoor terrace with windows and doors), nice kitchen, and roomy bedrooms.

Purchased: 6 bedroom villa
Purpose: Personal and Commercial Use

Roger and Shauna, with their two children, moved to the DR in summer of 2014. This industrious, visionary couple opened a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that caters to North American clients.

They built a combination of home and commercial facility to help people begin recovery. They both love the Dominican, feel that the International School of Sosua is a great choice for their kids, and are excited about this new chapter in their lives.

They are a lot of fun and a great addition to our community.

Purchased: 3-Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal use and rental

We met Gary through his brother Peter. The brothers each bought houses – only a few doors down from each other. Gary has a great U-shaped villa with three large bedrooms, one with a built in desk area so he can work when he’s here. The covered terrace is absolutely huge and is great for relaxing, cooking in the outdoor kitchen area, or just looking at the ravine behind the villa. It’s a really nice home that Gary will love for many years.

Purchased: 2-Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Rental and personal use

Phil has had it with winter, loves the Dominican, and wants to get out of the snow as much as possible. He has built a 2 bedroom Villa Sunseeker in Casa Linda. He uses the villa for his own vacations and lets it rent the rest of the year.

He has a very special lot that has a high wall along one side. He plans to install a big screen on it and watch football.

Purchased: 4-Bedroom villa
Purpose: Personal use and rental

Richard and Cathy are originally from the US, but have spent the past many years living in Dubai. They are retiring here in the Dominican and will also be sailing their boat around the Caribbean.

They have built a modified 4-bedroom Villa Ultima for their personal use and taste. It has an amazing sea view.

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use

This really fun couple struggled deciding whether to buy in the DR or use a large diesel coach and travel Florida and Arizona in the winters. The DR won out when for two years in a row their heating bill was $400 US/month in the States.

They purchased a beautiful 1-year old resale villa that Myra had been eyeing on our website for a few months. It suits them perfectly. We will enjoy Hank and Myra’s company every winter from now on!

…”We were going to winter in our coach motorhome, but found our gas bill in Arizona to be over $400/month!  When we head south we want to be warm!  The DR has it all – great weather, reasonable prices, large community, and a wondersful lifestyle!  We are thrilled and are heading back earlier this winter…”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use and Rental

Derek and Leslie fell in love with the DR several years ago, and vacationed here regularly. They tried to purchase a house in 2012; however, the purchase did not work out. Derek was reading an article DR Properties had written about buying and decided to contact us. The rest is history :).

Their dream villa backs a fantastic ravine. The pool area is amazing with an infinity pool and secluded “grotto” area for relaxing in the back yard. We had fun helping them create a totally custom house just for them. This couple has been making their own wine for the past few years, and are talking about trying their hand when in the DR. Sounds good to us….

“We’ve been coming to the DR for many years.  We love the weather, people, and now our villa and the amazing friends we’ve met.  Someday you will be here for most of the year, but for now, we let our villa earn rental income and come as often as we can.  Not often enough…”

Purchased: 3 bedroom villa
Purpose: Personal Use and Rental

We met Pierre and Sherri at a property show in Edmonton. Pierre is retired from the military, and they both wanted to get out of winter. The more they heard about the DR, the more it fit their needs and wants.

They built a unique villa with an outside cooking/entertaining area and rooftop terrace complete with hot tub and great sea view.

For now, they use their villa for part of the year. Sherri is still working. The villa earns rental income the rest of the time. They love their new place, and the new friends they’ve met too. Their daughter has even done her practicum for her hotel management course at Casa Linda!

Purchased: 2 Bedroom Condo
Purpose: Personal Use and Rental

Jason and Teddi wanted to be either on the beach, or as near to it as they could get! They purchased a 1463 sq ft condo that is a stones throw from the water, across the street from a grocery store, and a quick walk to all the restaurants and shops in Cabarete. Jason wants to learn to kite board, so this is a perfect location for them. Their Los Almendros condo gave them all they wanted, with lots of space, high end finishings, privacy, security, and a rental program. The huge, outside terrace is a great place to spend evenings, BBQ, and just hang out.

Although from western Canada, we actually met them at a real estate show in Toronto! It took them a few years to be ready to buy, but when the time was right, they came to the DR and bought what worked for their active lifestyle. Teddi is an educator who specializes in helping those with disabilites. She is already speaking with 3 Mariposas Montessori school in Cabarete about helping out. This a really fun, positive minded couple who we are so very pleased to have helped buy their Caribbean home.

Purchased: 2 – 2 Bedroom Villas
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Adrian and Julie were a first for us. They came to the DR “just to look” and went home buying not one, but two properties! They had two really outstanding choices, and decided to just buy them both.

They purchased a cute resale villa that came fully furnished, but needed a little updating and decorating, and also contracted to build a new Villa Tranquila with palapa in Casa Linda. The plan is to use the resale strictly for rental purposes, and their new villa for personal use and rental – until they retire, then it’s just for them.

These are well traveled people who chose the DR for the value for dollar, community, and great lifestyle. Adrian and Julie are from the Toronto area in Canada and want to escape the hard Canadian winters. They also enjoy their 3.5 hour flight time to the DR. We always enjoy spending time with them because of their excellent sense of humour. When our House Hunters episode airs Adrian calls me and holds the phone up the TV so I can hear it!

…”We love our DR home and the friends we’ve made. Retirement is still a few years away, so we visit our property several times per year. We let it rent the rest of the time. We can’t wait until we can make the DR our long term winter home. It’s harder to leave and return to Canada every time”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Condo
Purpose: Personal Use

Brian and Cindy surprised themselves. The came to the DR specifically to buy a villa, but fell in love with Arenas Condos.

They purchased an incredible 2200 sq. ft. condo with additional 800 sq ft roof top terrace in one of the most beautiful, boutique condo developments in the area. Arenas features a lovely private beach, infinity pool, oceanside jacuzzi, small gym, and kid’s pool.

Brian and Cindy have decided to not rent their unit, but keep it just for personal use.

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa with Palapa
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Greg found us online and told us he was interested in finding a warm, retirement home and a place where his kids could visit.

He is only a few years away from retirement and wanted to be ready to get out of the cold! He chose to build a new villa in Casa Linda, and then decorated it to be a showpiece.

We so enjoy Greg and have some of his kids and grandkids already! He’s also a heck of a Karaoke singer (and so is the rest of family)!

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use

Arthur and Joanne hail from very cold Edmonton and were beginning their search for a retirement home when we met them.  Originally, they were not planning to buy until their retirement in a few years. This changed after they came to the DR, fell in love with the area and the properties, and realized that they could buy now and have their villa rent and earn income until they decide to use it just for themselves. Until that time, they could use it as a holiday home when they can get away. They chose to build a 3-bedroom villa in Casa Linda. Their villa was complete in June, 2011. They have left it in Casa Linda’s capable hands for rental and now use it personally in the winter months, returning to Canada for the summer. They are also our across the street neighbours!

…“We have lived in many places around the world. The DR offered us the best balance of price, weather, and community for our winter retirement home. We enjoy the summers in Canada and escape at the first sign of cold in the winter! The buying process was similar to Canada, the lifestyle is healthy and warm, and the friends we’ve made are more like family now.”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

We met Greg and Charlotte at a property show in 2007. In fall of 2010, they decided it was time to make their dream of owning in the DR a reality.

They choose to build a three bedroom villa Bonita with additional palapa building in the back that features an outside bbq/living space.

Char and Greg love their villa, visit if often, and can’t wait to retire in the DR. This is a really fun couple who can always be counted on to make great dinners, provide a ton of laughs, and be just great friends too.

…“We have owned our DR villa for over four years now.  We met Mel and Colleen at a trade show, and spent the next few years in communication with them about the Dominican.  We finally came down, loved it, and purchased a home.  It’s been a great experience, and we love our house and our DR friends.  We are still working, so we let our villa rent when we are not in the DR.  It’s made owing cost effective and our villa has been maintained, rented and cared for in our absence.”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa with Palapa Guesthouse
Purpose: Personal Use

Brett and Tish wanted to show their kids a different way of life other than the US. They felt it was too much about “me” and living in a foreign country would be a good change for them. They all loved the DR, so this is where they chose. Brett works three weeks in the US and comes home for two weeks to the DR.

The kids have both settled into the International School of Sosua and love their new tropcal life. They continue to participate in the same sports and activities they did in the States like dance and motocross; however, they have added others, like surfing, to their week.

This family chose to build a custom home with an outside guest house palapa for entertaining and company. Both kids have a huge bedroom and mom and dad are on the other side of the house. Good idea with two teenagers!

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa & 2 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Steve and Sharon bought their first villa with their son, Casper. Their plan is to own several properties here in the DR, and began with a Villa Tranquila in Casa Linda.

They purchased a second 2-bedroom villa for personal use as well as to earn additional rental income. Both houses do very well, and they are struggling to decide which one to stay in when they come to the DR! Casper is still a young man and has several years to work; however, Steve and Sharon would like to retire sooner rather than later – in the Dominican! We always enjoy having them around!

…“We liked our first Casa Linda villa so much we bought another one! We have a lovely three bedroom Villa Tranquila which we own with our grown son, as well as a Villa Serenity. We are not retired yet, so we use our villas for vacations, and let them earn income the rest of the year. Someday soon…”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa & 2 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Bruce and Connie hail from cold Wainwright, Alberta and have had enough of winter, shoveling, warming up the car, etc. Their plan is to winter (at the least) in the DR and escape!

They started with a villa that is 2,000 sq. ft., but added an additional palapa building around the pool, giving them an outside, covered bbq area/living space, as well as storage, extra 1/2 bath and area for pool equipment.

Two years after their initial purchase, they chose to have a smaller, 2 bedroom villa constructed as well. This villa will provide continuous cash flow during their retirement. Pretty smart!

…”We have finally retired!  We used our first DR villa for vacations and let it rent the rest of the time.  Now we are spending about 9 months a year in the DR – it has become more “home” than Canada.  We bought our second DR villa a few years ago and use it only for rental income.  Colleen and Mel provided excellent service that actually continues to this day”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use

We met Ken and Glenna at a property trade show in Calgary msny years ago. They were looking to escape the harsh Alberta winters and vacation in the DR as many times a year as they could get away. They opted to build a house in Casa Linda.

They chose the two bedroom Camara plan and added a den. Their lot has a wonderful sea view from the back so they decided to have the pool raised with an infinity edge.

Lucky Ken is able to work anywhere in the world (from home), so he has been able to spend much more time here than Glenna. That has all changed now; however, as Glenna has quit her job.

They are now going to make this their permanent home and Toronto their Canadian home base. We love having them here, and they have become really great friends. Like all our clients, the community here in the DR has really grabbed them. They enjoy the warmth of the sun, but also the time spent with friends they have met and are meeting each day. As a side note, Glenna makes a mean 6-layer dip.

Of their home ownership and building experience they say, “We are now spending several months a year using our DR home. We love the subdivision, our neighbours, and having our own space. We also have piece of mind knowing that our villa is secure, maintained, and cared for in our absence. We love the community and feel like this is home.”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Condo
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Ed and Anne bought their condo on pre-construction and took possession in 2008. It is a lovely 1,600 sq ft unit with lovely kitchen and beautiful views from the terrace. On site they enjoy the kid’s aqua park, seaside restaurant, beach, gym, and many other facilities offered at the resort like complex where they purchased.

Purchased: 2 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Terry and Anick met us over 2.5-years before they bought in the DR. At a trade show in Calgary. they spoke with us and kept our information until they were ready to come to the DR and check out properties. In the spring of 2010, they decided to build a 1,236 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 2-bath villa with a great forest view and mirror pool.

Of their DR and building and owning experience they say, “We absolutely love our new house in the DR. This is a dream we never thought we could accomplish but with Mel and Colleen’s help, and the really accommodating people at Casa Linda, we have a brand new home in the tropics! The build team made sure we got the house we wanted, with all our own personal touches. We utilize the onsite management and rental programs, and our villa is completely taken care of and rented for us when we are back in Canada.”

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Condo
Purpose: Personal Use & Rental

Darryl and Melanie are clients from our previous mortgage business in Canada. They are seasoned property investors in Canada, and quickly realized after being introduced to rental returns in the DR how much better the investment is here. They have a large family and love to use their condo which has beach access and many amenities for their kids.

They let their condo rent when they are not using it themselves. They love the onsite amenities like kid’s aquapark, spa, restaurant, gym, etc.

Purchased: 2 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use

You may recognize Bill and Betts from our House Hunters International episode. When we filmed, both were still working, but are now retired and make their home in the DR their permanent base. They do a lot of travelling around the world as well.

We originally met them at a trade show in Calgary. After many emails of information giving and discussions about what they were looking to do both short and long term, Bill and Betts came down to the Dominican and began their property search.

They decided to build a new villa with a very reputable developer (Hispaniola Residencial) that has an outstanding rental management program. They came a few times and watched their new home as it was under construction.

Betts says, “We love the DR and are so happy with the choice we’ve made. It is a beautiful, safe country with wonderful people. We feel we’ve made an excellent investment that our family can also enjoy for many years to come.”

Bob and Maureen want to escape the harsh Edmonton winter, but are both business owners and are unable to leave for several months each year. They opted to build a villa they can escape to when they need a break, but can be used as a rental property the rest of the year.

They chose a Strada model in Casa Linda. It is a unique floor plan that is great for rental, but will also be a wonderful home for them when they retire. They loved that the subdivision is secure and has a full management service as they will never live the entire year here in the DR, but will spend part of the year in Canada and the US as well.

Of their DR villa and the area they say, “We love our new house and can’t believe the value for dollar in the DR . I can’t afford solid mahogany furniture in Canada and certainly don’t get granite counters and solid wood doors in Edmonton as a standard in any property! We can’t wait to spend time in our villa, and we love the community feel in the DR and the new friends we’ve made.

Purchased: 3 Bedroom Villa
Purpose: Personal Use

Unlike most of our clients, the Sali’s have actually moved to the Dominican Republic on a full time basis. Originally from Alberta and Saskatchewan, Bruce and Mary have lived all over the Caribbean, most recently in Panama.

Bruce has just recently retired as a vice president for Scotia Bank. He spent the last 14-years in Scotia’s Caribbean banking division. Bruce and Mary chose the DR for retirement because they felt it had the best balance of services, safety, price, and thriving community of other Canadians who live here full time, or come and go.

The Sali’s purchased a three bedroom villa in a subdivision called Perla Marina. They love their new house and have put their own touch on it by adding a guest house and doing other renovations. They settled into their new home here in July of 2009, and are enjoying their life here.
The Sali’s purchased a three bedroom villa in a subdivision called Perla Marina. They love their new house and have put their own touch on it by adding a guest house and doing other renovations. They settled into their new home here in July of 2009, and are enjoying their life here. They have their 16-year old grandaughter living with them and she attends one of the international schools here in Sosua.

We are here to help.  Ask us any and all questions.  None are too small.


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