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Casa Linda Management Program


International buyers require special services.  Whether you live in Casa Linda full time, come for vacations, or are back in your home country, we offer the following services:

  • Onsite, English speaking office
  • 24-hour security at all entrance gates and inside the subdivision
  • Payment of monthly bills
  • Housekeeping/garden/pool service (one to seven days per week)
  • Emergency point of contact
  • Full maintenance/repair service of all major and minor issues with appliances, roof, pool, plumbing, electrical, etc
  • Emergency point of contact in The Dominican Republic

Casa Linda has many owners that only visit the Dominican Republic from two-weeks to six months per year.  Others use their DR villa as an income generating rental property as well as their personal vacation home.  Owners have piece of mind knowing their property will be cared for in their absence.  This is often a large part of the reason why clients choose to buy here.

We take our owner’s trust seriously. You can be assured that when you lock the door to your villa and head to the airport, you are leaving your property and investment, in capable, experienced hands. We offer a transparent, fully accountable management system that has been operating for 20-years.


Many of our owners come here to relax and/or retire.  The ability to affordably have housekeeping and garden/pool service is a huge plus!  The number of days and types of services you can have is up to you.  Perhaps you only want a housekeeper to do a thorough cleaning once a week, or maybe you want someone full time.  It’s up to you.  Maybe lawn mowing is your thing but looking after a pool is daunting.

Your services, your way.


Casa Linda offers a full villa maintenance service with onsite handymen to take care of most issues.  For larger problems, we are happy to facilitate plumbers, electricians, pool repairmen, etc.  We will even take care of regular maintenance issues like painting.  For our absentee owners, our Casa Linda staff also monitors your villa for problems and takes care of any issues that crop up.


Onsite and online, all the time.  As a Casa Linda owner, you can access information about your villa online through our owner’s portal.  For owners that rent their villas, this is a particularly helpful service.  Owners can see how much utilities were the previous month, how much rental income was generated, look at the booking calendar in upcoming months, and also communicate with the office.  The “news” section highlights topical events and issues.