Buying Foreign Property

Things to consider when buying foreign property. Avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

Gated Community:

Do you need to buy in a gated community? For part time owners, being able to lock up and leave can be key. Find out why.

Renting Your Dominican Republic Property

To rent or not to rent. Should you rent your property when you are not in The DR? Here are some pros and cons.

New or Resale Property?

There is no set in stone answer. It really depends on the property. Here’s some good information…

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Please feel free to ask us any and all questions – none are too small and none are ever dumb.  We were once in the same position:  considering buying a warm weather property.  We know that this can seem like a scary experience, but it’s not. Really!

Put our experience to work.  We are here to help.

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Dominican Republic properties owners from Toronto
“We are so pleased with our choice to buy in the DR, and we are spending more and more time there. We’ve made lifelong friends, love our casa and our pool, believe our quality of life has much improved. Golfing every week in January – can’t beat it!”
Ken and Glenna • Toronto, Canada
“We so appreciate everything Colleen and Mel have done to make our buying experience truly amazing. Their help was and is invaluable and gave us more confidence in the whole ‘out of country’ purchasing of real estate. They came alongside us with support, advice and genuine interest in our plans and ideas. My husband first met with Colleen in Calgary at a Trade Show and communicated with her for almost two years before we actually made the trip to the DR. Colleen and Mel addressed our concerns and fears, we met other Canadian owners and now we both are enthusiastic, owners of a beautiful property in the DR.”
Peter and Barbara • Calgary, Canada
Dominican Republic properties owners Hank and Myra
“We were going to winter in our coach motorhome, but found our gas bill in Arizona to be over $400/month! When we head south we want to be warm! The DR has it all – great weather, reasonable prices, large community, and a wondersful lifestyle! We are thrilled and are heading back earlier this winter…”
Hank and Myra • Fort Saskatchewan, Canada