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Buyer/Owner Services

The MOST important thing we do.

We are here to help with service, knowledge, experience & friendship.  We know that considering buying foreign property can be an intimidating, even frightening experience.  Most people have no idea where to even start the process or who to trust.  How does it all work? What are the legal ins and outs? Will my title be owned by me and secure? How stable is the government? How much are taxes?

We know these questions and fears well.  We were once first time DR buyers too – with all the same questions.  We work with potential buyers everyday.  We take time to ensure buyers understand the buying process; they make the right choices for both short and long term goals; and become part of our great community, full or part time.

At DR Properties, we are all Canadians (well, there is one German), and we understand and speak the language of the Canadian and American buyer. We know how to explain and relate Dominican real estate structure and information in ways that make sense.

Service, Service, Service

Our service does not stop with the sale.

Feeling at home in the DR, whether you spend a few weeks or more than half the year here, is key to long term happiness. This is welcoming community. We also provide a kind of “introduction” service – introducing clients to people that live here, other clients who have purhcased, etc. It isn’t long before people feel right at home, with a core group to go golfing with, out for dinner, etc. Our clients become friends. It’s as simple as that.

  • All subdivisions and developers have been properly vetted, are well set financially, and complete their projects as planned.
  • We work only with the best property lawyers with trust accounts in the US
  • We assist with house/condo/medical insurance, and anything else our buyers require – during and after the sale. We also help our clients with all the ins and outs of living here and owning property. We help with furnishings, shopping, banking, lawyers, and general acclimation to the area.

Who Are Our Buyers

Our company caters specifically to North American buyers. Most of our clients fit into the following criteria and personal situation:

  • Between 40-60 years of age
  • Looking toward retirement, but still working
  • Wanting to purchase in the DR to get into the marketplace, but do not place to live here, full or part time, until retirement
  • Want to use the property they buy for 2-weeks to 6-months per year
  • Would like to have the property generate income, or at least pay for itself, in the periods when they are not in residence (rental)
  • Would like the property cared for in their absence (bill payment, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc.)

The Property Matters

DR Properties does not sell every property, or take on every listing. We are very specific about what we sell, it must meet the critera that 90% of our buyers are looking for:

  • Be in a gated community with true 24-hour security.
  • Be lock-up-and-leave. When the owner locks the door and goes to the airport, they must know that their property is in good hands.
  • Have full management services: housekeeping, garden/pool care, maintenance, bill payment services, and emergency point of contact services available.
  • Well marketing/managed rental program. Most of our buyers use their properties as rentals when they are not in the DR. This service is often key to being able to buy.

If the property does not meet this criteria, then we don’t sell it.

Buyer’s Guide

Download this informative guide to DR real estate, history, culture, weather, services, community and more.

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