Buyer’s Guide Video Series

Learn about real estate, the DR as a whole, government, taxes, residency and what REAL life is like in the  Dominican Republic.


How do you buy a home in the Dominican Republic?  What are some considerations?

You don’t have to bring a suitcase of money :).  Learn about lawyers, gated communities, and other considerations as you look at owing a Dominican Republic condo or villa.

What is Real Life Like in the DR?

What is island life really like?  There is a big difference between vacationing and living a real life…

What are some of the pitfalls?

Find out some of the things you need to know before you jump into the DR.

Why Pick the Dominican Republic as a Home?

Learn about the benefits from the weather, affordability of lifestyle, safety and peace of mind that the Dominican Republic offers and why pick the Dominican Republic as a home?

Want To Know About The Dominican Republic?

DR Properties’  Colleen Valerio, debunks some important facts on what to know about the Dominican Republic.

Step by Step Real Estate Buying Process in Dominican Republic

Most buyers find the systems for the real estate buying process in the Dominican Republic to be very similar to that of North America, so the process won’t seem foreign or strange.

Besides weather, why do people move to the Dominican Republic?

Part time or full time, the DR is a great place to call home.  Find out why.


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