Effective Tips for Selling Your Property on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Are you looking to sell your property in the Dominican Republic and maximize your profit?

Whether you’re a first-time seller or have previous experience, these tips and insights will give you a competitive edge and help you navigate the selling process with confidence. So, if you’re ready to sell your Dominican Republic property and maximize your profit, keep reading to discover proven strategies that can make a significant difference in your selling experience.

1.  Understand the local market & determine the value of your property.

Real estate markets vary between countries and within countries.  What your property is worth in Cabarete compared to Punta Cana or Santo Domingo may be quite different.  There are also different types of buyers in different locations.  Determining the right value and how to price your property can be challenging. Unfortunately, the DR doesn’t have an MLS system nor a real way to look at past solds.  Experienced real estate agents keep their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace, are well connected to other agents, and can assess values based on their knowledge of recent sales.  Pricing your property appropriately and realistically will help it sell quickly.

2. Enhance Curb Appeal and Stage Your Home

The nicest looking properties get the most attention.  Sparkling clean houses interest buyers.  De-cluttering and making your home look larger and more inviting is key.  It also shows that your home is well taken care of and buyers aren’t buying problems.  Perfectly groomed yards, updated fixtures, open spaces and no peeling paint, etc. goes a long way.


3. Look at the sales as a business transaction

Everyone gets attached to their home.  Oftentimes, sellers have such an emotional connection that they don’t see the sale realistically.  The more detached you can be, and the more you can view it from that perspective, the easier selling will be.  Buyers will often try too low of an offer, or ask for something you don’t want to give up, but often these are great negotiation tools that can make an eventual sale come together.


4.  Find out if you will owe any tax

Some homeowners have not kept up with property taxes or may have a capital gains tax to pay upon the sale.  It’s good to know your costs before you sell your home.


5. Invest in professional photography

Buyers decide if they want to view your home by looking at it online.  Great photos, done by a professional, will showcase your property and show it at its very best.  It’s a minimal cost, but well worth it.  A video is also a great idea!


6.  Keep your old passport!

This may sound strange, but when you sell (if you’ve changed or renewed your passport since you bought), you will need a copy of both your old and new passports for the sale.


These are some simple ideas.  For more robust info, download our Seller’s Guide.

Dr Properties Sellers Guide

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