Encuentro Beach

Luxury Beachfront Develoment Opportunity

Encuentro Beach is a stunning 50 hectare ocean front site that includes 450 meters of wide beach and 200 meters of rock frontage, and is one of the largest undeveloped properties in the region. It is located between the resort towns of Sosua and Cabarete on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, a short drive to the Puerto Plata International Airport.

Encuentro is known in the international surfing community as a world class surfing

Ready for Development

Encuentro Beach Cabarete Development promises to become the most Exclusive Community on the North
Coast. Design Guidelines are set at world class standards to ensure the EBC integrated resort community blends luxury & nature to harmonize with its exotic, tropical setting.

Encuentro Beach Cabarete Development encourages its owners and designers to incorporate “green architecture” philosophy into their development.  Architectural themes will respect and build upon the natural environment to minimize any disturbances in the existing ecological systems and the unique vegetation of this splendid project site.

Ultimately the Goal is to create a unified development theme capable of maintaining global interest and value for owners now and in the future.


Parcel EBC “Undeveloped”
Area: 490,884.12 m2
Price per m2: US$81.49/m2
Parcel Price: US$40,000,000

Parcel EBC “Undeveloped”
parcel of land encuentro

The property could be subdivided into seven (7) parcels that average five (5) hectares each and a commercial area of approximately two (2) hectares which is located beside the EBC entrance on the North Coast highway. There will be a gated entrance for the overall development.

Areas of relevant existing vegetation will be protected.

This increases the cost of the plot but the Developer has the responsibility to build the entire infrastructure according to the established design guidelines.

Parcel 1
Area: 33,000 m2
Price per m2: US$80
Parcel Price: US$2,640,000

Parcel 2
Area: 44,000 m2
Price per m2: US$86/m2
Parcel Price: US$3,784,000

Parcel 3
Area: 50,000 m2
Price per m2: US$126/m2
Parcel Price: US$6,300,000

Parcel 4
Area: 53,000 m2
Price per m2: US$103 /m2
Parcel Price: US$5,459,000

parcels 1-4
parcels -5-7

Parcel 5
Area: 52,000 m2
Price per m2: US$270
Parcel Price: US$14,040,000

Parcel 6
Area: 56,000 m2
Price per m2: US$310 /m2
Parcel Price: US$17,360,000

Parcel 7
Area: 52,400 m2
Price per m2: US$305 /m2
Parcel Price: US$15,982,000


Common Areas/Recreational Spaces

Among these  spaces will be a beach club located on 10,000m2 of ocean front, a sports center with tennis courts and a helipad. These areas will be connected by a pedestrian trail system and a vehicle access road and are meant for the exclusive use of EBC residents.

All of the subdivisions will have access to the beach club and recreational areas.

Little girls on the beach
commercial area

Commercial Area

With access from the main highway between Sosua and Cabarete, this is a prime location to develop a commercial area open to the general public.


Area: 18,000 m2
Price per m2: US$125/m2
Parcel Price: US$2,250,000

Zoning Regulations
(Decree 847-09)
The Tourist Land Management Plan (POTT) of the Municipal District of Cabarete, prepared by the Secretary of State for Tourism, set a territorial categorization. The Encuentro Beach Cabarete Development is part of the Environmental Unit No. 5 (New Centrality).

EBC will be one of the few properties allowed in the Cabarete area to have a maximum density of 150 rooms per hectare, with occupancy of 60% of the total area of the site. Starting at 130 lineal meters, located from the original high tide line, a maximum height is set, of up to 5 levels recessed, as provided in the regulations governing the implementation of the plan equivalent to 17.50 lineal meters in height.

EBC Master Developer
The Encuentro beach Developer will provide the design and construction of the infrastructure to the property limit of each plot that will be developed.

Infrastructure to be Developed:

  • Roadway and Pedestrian walkways to allow access to each parcel within the overall development.
  • Main arrival/guardhouse and arrival feature for the overall development.
  • Potable water and sewer distribution systems to the outside of the property limit at the entrance of each parcel, as well as fire hydrants and drainage basins for the surface drainage for collection of the overall
    development common areas.
  • Electric and telephone distribution systems to the outside of the property limit at the entrance of each
  • The Master Developer will set up a Master Condominium/Neighborhood Association for the Encuentro Beach Cabarete Development to control all development and administration within the community.
  • The Master Condominium/Neighborhood Association will be responsible for maintaining all common areas, main arrivals and separation/buffer zones.
  • In addition to the basic infrastructure the Master Developer will construct a Beach Club with parking for the use of all EBC residents that will provide access to the beach for residents of subdivisions that are not located on ocean front parcels. A sports recreation area with tennis courts and a Helipad will also be built.


Contact Bernie Tietz for additional information:

Bernie Tietz

Bernie Tietz

Owner, Investor Relations

Bernie has been developing large projects, (both residential and commercial), assisting developers and clients, and generally working in DR real estate for over 20-years.

A transplant from Germany, Bernie came to the DR on vacation in his 20’s and never left!  He is an invaluable resource to DR Properties and our buyers.  He has a treasure trove of experience as well as valuable  connections to local government, tourism and local stakeholders.

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