Essential Information for Canadian and American Snowbirds

Are you a Canadian or American snowbird looking to make the most of your winter escape? Whether you’re trading in snow shovels for suntan lotion or seeking a warm haven from the winter chill, this article is tailored just for you. Discover the essential tips and tricks to ensure a seamless snowbird experience.


Planning Your Snowbird Adventure

Before you embark on your snowbird journey, careful planning is paramount. Here are some crucial considerations:

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Selecting the right destination is key to a successful snowbird adventure. Whether you’re dreaming of the sandy beaches of the DR, or the desert landscapes of Arizona, it’s essential to research and evaluate your options. Consider factors like climate, cost of living, and proximity to healthcare facilities.  The DR has long been a haven for Canadian and US snowbirds. There is infrastructure, community, medical services, and great shopping to support you.


Secure Adequate Insurance

Health insurance is a top priority for snowbirds. Ensure that you have comprehensive coverage that extends to your chosen destination. Understand the terms of your policy, including deductibles and coverage limits, to avoid unexpected expenses.  The DR offers very affordable health insurance packages for snowbirds. For more information and to talk insurance, please contact Kenia @ Amber Insurance:  kenia@insurance.com.do.


Legal Requirements

Crossing borders comes with legal considerations. Ensure you have a valid passport and are aware of visa requirements for extended stays. As a tourist in the Dominican Republic, you automatically can stay 30-days, but you can extend your tourist visa up to 12-days.  Should you not officially extend your stay, you will simply have to pay a fee at the airport when you leave.  For a chart of the fees, click here.

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How Long Can You Be Gone from the US or Canada?

For Canadians, each province is different, and it mostly affects your healthcare.  Some provinces allow you to be gone 7-months and others 5-months.  While it rarely happens, your province could cancel your healthcare coverage if you’re gone longer than allowed.  Be sure and check.  Being away will not affect your pensions in either country, or other benefits.  For US citizens and residents, click here for more information.


Budgeting for Your Snowbird Lifestyle

Managing your finances during your snowbird adventure is crucial. Here’s how to keep your budget in check:

Create a Detailed Budget

Before you leave, create a comprehensive budget that includes all your expenses, from accommodation and transportation to groceries and entertainment. Factor in currency exchange rates to avoid any financial surprises.

Also consider that you will be paying for two lives.  As a snowbird splitting your time between your home in the US or Canada and a second residence in the Dominican Republic or another country, there’s a unique set of considerations to keep in mind. It’s crucial to prepare and secure both your homes to ensure peace of mind during your extended stays abroad.

Home Watcher

Before embarking on your snowbird adventure, designate a trusted individual to look after your home while you’re away. This person can play a pivotal role in maintaining your property’s well-being. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Picking up mail to prevent it from piling up and signaling your absence.
  • Tending to your indoor and outdoor plants to ensure they thrive.
  • Performing routine maintenance tasks, such as lawn care and pool upkeep.
  • Lock All Doors and Windows: Ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked before you leave. This is a fundamental step in safeguarding your property.
  • Activate Security Systems: If you have a security system in place, arm it before you go. Make sure all sensors and alarms are functioning correctly.
  • Inform Service Providers: Reach out to your home insurance provider and security company to inform them of your travel plans. Share details about the duration of your absence and who will be responsible for home care in your stead. This ensures they are aware of the situation and can offer guidance or support as needed.


If you own in the DR or another country, this advice reverses for when you leave your snow-birding home to return to the US or Canada.  The DR offers excellent property management companies which are very used to this scenario and are experienced taking care of snowbird properties.  You may even choose to rent your property when you aren’t in residence – they can take care of this for you too.

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Make It a Home Base

Make your snowbirding home a second home. If you buy a place rather than renting one, it’s quite a bit easier to keep clothes and other necessities there so you don’t have to lug them all back and forth. But even if you’re renting, it’s possible to store some items either in the residence itself (with the landlord’s permission) or in a nearby storage unit. Doing so will make traveling to and from much easier. And having your belongings with you will add to the feeling of your snowbird home feeling like “home.”

Staying Healthy and Active

Maintaining your health and staying active is vital during your winter getaway:


Find Local Healthcare Providers

Research local healthcare facilities and establish contact with doctors and medical professionals in your destination. Having a reliable healthcare network can provide peace of mind.  For information on Dominican Republic health care, here is a great video to explain services.


Get Connected!

Get to know the community in your snowbird town!  The DR has lots of Facebook groups to get you started and this is a large, welcoming community of expats and snowbirds.  Join a group of new friends to really experience another country:  from the locals and expats who know the hidden gems and great things to do.



As a Canadian or American snowbird, your winter escape can be a truly rewarding experience with proper planning and execution. By selecting the right destination, managing your finances, prioritizing health, and staying connected, you’ll make the most of your snowbird adventure. Enjoy your time in the sun, and may your winter months be filled with warmth and unforgettable memories.

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