Medical Services are Excellent in the Dominican Republic

Your Health Matters.  Good Medical Care is Critical.

Health Care in the Dominican Republic is Excellent!

One of the questions we’re asked most is what medical care and costs are like on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Can I get my prescriptions?  How much is covered?  What are doctors and hospitals like?  Watch the video below for some great information, and read on for costs and services.

Firstly, expect better, must faster service than at home

The DR offers excellent medical care with the latest in equipment like MRI, even robotic surgery in the larger centers.  We’ve been working and helping expats for many years, and several have had to use the medical care in the DR extensively.  Even myself – I had foot surgery in Puerto Plata with an outstanding orthopedic surgeon who had  to repair the mess a Canadian doctor had made.\

No Waits

In one day you can see several specialists.  Even non life threatening or elective surgeries have almost no wait time.  Insurance will cover any serious illness or surgery.  You may have a small deductible depending on your plan, but costs are very low and quality of service very high.  Taking care of ourselves is so important, and as we age, we may require more medical care to maintain our health.  It’s good to know you can get it in the DR.

Cabarete Medical Center

Local Hospitals

In our local area is Cabarete Medical Center which is a full service clinic. They offer all imaging onsite (x-ray, mammography, MRI, 4D sonography), ambulance service, intensive care, and even surgery.  This hospital is at most a 10-minute drive away and is there as a great resource for emergencies.

Centro Medico Bournigal

In Puerto Plata, 25-30 minutes away there are two outstanding hospitals:  Centro Medical Bournigal, and Brugal Hospital.  If you watch the video, it talks about a great service offered by Bournigal called “The International Center”.  A whole department of this hospital is devoted to working with expats and tourists who require medical care. They assist with getting you to the right doctor, sorting out insurance, translation if necessary (most specialists speak English) and keep up with you during your hospital stay and at tests; and also communicate with your family.  This service is free.  


All major health concerns can be addressed at these clinics including:

  • Hospitalization
  • Major and minor care
  • Major and minor surgeries
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Imaging (CT, MRI, X-ray, mammography, sonography_
  • HOLTER, MAP, stress test, Echo-cardiogram, stress echo
  • Cardiovascular evaluation
  • Home care
  • Intensive care
  • Comprehensive diagnostic uit
  • Emergency & ambulance
  • Pharmacy
  • Full laboratory


Much More Robust Testing and Services

The best part about getting health care in the DR is the depth of service.  As an example, no surgery, no matter how small, is performed without a patient first seeing a heart specialist and any other specialist deemed necessary.  In one case, this step caught a major health concern the was actually life threatening – it had nothing to do with the surgery the lady was supposed to get.  It saved her life.

How Much is Medical Insurance?

Check out this post regarding the costs of medical insurance in the DR, but a standard rule of thumb is approximately $1600/US for a couple, per year.  This is very affordable health care and covers most things.  Sometimes there will be small deductible to pay upon leaving hospital or for prescriptions.  I’ve seen bills range from $5 to $100/US.


There are many local pharmacies and obtaining prescription meds are not an issue.  If a pharmacy doesn’t have it, they can certainly order it on a schedule for you.

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