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37,000  US or $ 54,680 US

A palapa is an entertainment dream space that adds covered living area to any villa. Set beside the pool, a palapa offers a half bathroom; generous living room or dining room; cooking area; storage; bedroom or place for pool equipment.

The built-in BBQ/grill, fridge, and sink are an extra kitchen and cooking area for hot days, and a also a great place to entertain during pool parties or warm evenings. The storage room provides a personal lock-up area for owners who rent their villas, and is also a great place to store large items like golf clubs.

Many buyers choose to add an actual guesthouse to their villa purchase.  It offers a separate area with privacy for visitors, extended family or even for a renter.  

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Mortgage Financing

Casa Linda will provide vendor financing for your new villa with the following downpayments and rates:

  • 60% down 4.7%
  • 70% down 1.9%
  • 80% down 0.9%

You have the choice of making regular monthly mortgage payments yourself, or using rental income generated from your villa to make the payments.  You can pay off your mortgage without penalty at any time.

This is a special program implemented by Casa Linda to assist buyers with the costs of purchasing. Casa Linda has a robust rental program with high occupancy rates. Income earned from your villa will be used to pay monthly mortgage costs as well as monthly expenses for the villa. You will have use of your villa as outlined above, and can certainly rent it back from Casa Linda should you want more time.