Paradise Found: Why Cabarete, Dominican Republic is Your Ultimate Real Estate Destination

Paradise Found:  Why Cabarete, Dominican Republic is Your Ultimate Real Estate Destination

In the vast realm of real estate opportunities in the world, Cabarete, Dominican Republic, emerges as a hidden gem.  Nestled on the northern coast of the island, Cabarete is a captivating blend of pristine beach, affordable real estate, and healthful lifestyle.  It’s a great place to call home, full or part time.

Here’s why Cabarete should top your real estate list:


 Simply a Tropical Paradise

Cabarete is a beach town known for its long beach with beautiful sand and coral reef protected bay.  Dotted along are beautiful real estate projects, restaurants, and quaint shops.  Cabarete encompasses the best of Caribbean life, with real services mixed with a true beach type life.  Cabarete is known for its water sports like kiteboarding and windsurfing, but also for its healthful way of life.  You’ll find many local businesses that cater to health – both for the mind and body.

In addition you’ll find:

  • Large and small grocery stores
  • English speaking healthcare, dentists, and doctors.
  • A huge selection of beachside and streestie restaurants
  • Shopping

Don’t forget climate!  Cabarete has a favorable climate and environment for living and escaping winter. Cabarete enjoys a tropical climate with year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. The average temperature is 28°C (82°F) and the average rainfall is 1,400 mm (55 inches) per year. Cabarete also has a stunning natural environment, with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, green hills, and lush forests.

windsurf cabarete

A Welcoming Community

Cabarete has a friendly and welcoming community of locals and expats, and is home to people from different countries and backgrounds – all who share a love for the Caribbean lifestyle. You can easily make friends and socialize in Cabarete’s many restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. You can also join various clubs and groups that organize activities and events, such as yoga, surfing, hiking, volunteering, and more. Cabarete is a place where you can feel at home while enjoying a multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Diverse Real Estate Options

Cabarete offers a variety of real estate options for different budgets and preferences. Whether you are looking for a beachfront condo, a luxury villa, or a cozy apartment, you can find it in Cabarete. You can also choose between different locations, such as Cabarete Bay, Kite Beach, or ProCab, depending on your lifestyle and needs.


Compared to other Caribbean destinations, Cabarete offers real estate at a remarkably affordable price point. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, rental property, or long-term investment, Cabarete provides excellent value for your money.

A Little History

In 1835, Cabarete was established by the merchant Zephaniah Kingsley as an integral part of his Mayorasgo de Koka estate. Kingsley relocated to Cabarete with his mixed-race family and 53 slaves whom he had emancipated from his plantations in Florida. This relocation occurred during the administration of Jean Pierre Boyer over the island. Later, Kingsley brought an additional 100 slaves to Cabarete.

Environmentally Friendly and Working Toward the Future

The DR government has been at the forefront of environmental sustainability for many years.  As a tourism country, ensuring the natural beauty of the DR has been a top priority.  Cabarete works to promote sustainable tourism practices including beach-clean up programs, waste management projects and efforts to protect the coastal and marine environments.

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