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It's about great marketing, buyer information/resources & honest service

We’ve been helping buyers find their tropical dream home for over 16-years.

At DR Properties, we offer sellers a comprehensive marketing system that consists of digital ads, Youtube videos, blogging, trade shows, and other methods that drive potential buyers to us.


But that’s only the start.

Getting buyers to find our website and your listing is the first step.  After that it’s about service and information.  We offer our buyers far more resources and personalized service than any other agency on the north coast.  We match the right property to the right person, and we represent both sellers and buyers with integrity, transparency and respect.  

Experience counts!  Put our 30+ years of DR selling, development, mediation and buyer services to work to sell your property.

What types of property do we sell?

  1. Residential:  We sell both condos and villas in the Sosua and Cabarete areas mainly.
  2. Land:  We have many clients who want to build.  If you have land to sell, we are happy to list it.
  3. Commercial:  From apartment buildings to hotels, we are experienced negotiators and work with professionals who want to invest.

How do you list your property?

  1. Contact us:  825-436-8028 (phone or WhatsApp) OR you can also fill out the form below.
  2. If in person, we can meet with you and talk about your property, time frame, listing price, etc.  Alternatively, if you are not in the DR, or prefer to do this digitally, we can simply talk on the phone and get your property online and marketed immediately.  It’s important that we understand all the unique features of your property and the little details that you’ve done to make it special.  We use as much information as possible to match buyers and sellers.  We can give you a comparative market analysis which will show you the best possible list price and what others have sold for that are similar properties.
  3. We will need:  a copy of the title, a completed listing form, a completed feature sheet, photos of the property (we can provide a photographer for a cost of $75).  Once we receive all this information, we can upload the listing to our website.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.  We are excited to help you sell your property!

Please fill out the following form and submit to our office.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Bernie Tietz, Colleen Valerio, & Vicki Tetley

We all are transplants to the DR for many, many years.  We love the country, people, and helping buyers find their own tropical dream.  For sellers, we love making sure you get the best price for your property, and work with you to make that happen.  Put our professionalism and experience to work for you.

Common Questions:

The seller pays the real estate commission, generally 4-8% of the purchase price.  The money is not given to the realtor, but is deducted from the sales proceeds and comes through the law firm handling the sale.

Buyer’s pay the legal fees which transfers title from the seller to the buyer.  Seller’s have the option of having independent legal representation as well.  In that case, they would pay the fee for their lawyer.

Generally yes.  In good faith, a buyer offers a deposit when the offer of purchase is accepted. These monies stay with the law firm.  Should a buyer breach the signed offer of purchase, the real estate agent and the seller split the deposit dollars.  Deposits are usually $10,000 to $15,000 US.

Selling your property with our without furnishings is totally up to you.  It’s often easier for sellers if they are not re-purchasing a DR property to sell with all items except personal belongings.  Buyers often appreciate not having to furnish as well.

The DR does not have a multiple listing service (MLS). This means that to get your property listed in as many places as possible, it’s good to contact as many agencies as possible. DR Properties has lots of exclusive listings as well.  If you only want us to market and sell your property, we are happy to do that.

If we have your property listing and another agency has a buyer, we are happy to co-broke with that agency and get your property sold. That is our goal.

Yes, we will keep you abreast of showings, market activity and progress.

We recommend getting professional photos taken.  It often helps to show your property in the best possible light.  For a fee of $75 US, our photographer will come and take lots of pictures then professionally edit them as well.  She can add a video component as well.

video buyer's guide series

Buyer's Guide Video Series

Lots of great info for buyer’s about the process, the DR, real Caribbean life, etc.