So, Is There a Downside to Wintering in the Dominican Republic

Today is September 4th, and I am writing from our Canadian home.  As I contemplate the view from my office window, I can see leaves already beginning to turn yellow.  The air has a crispness to it not felt just last week.  My oldest grandchildren start another school year tomorrow.  Another summer of being with my family is coming to a close…

It’s time to return to the Dominican Republic.  It’s bittersweet :).

Winter Is Coming…

Being an expat has enormous advantages.  Winter and all it brings has become a distant memory.  I haven’t shoveled a driveway in years (not that I ever did that – that’s why I got married – LOL).  But seriously, I hate the cold and do not miss Alberta winters in the least.  I do miss the first snowfall and Christmas with snow, but that’s it.  I am one of those perpetually cold people, and Alberta in January is not easy for me.

The value escaping the cold brings to your quality of life is incredible.  Plus you only need one wardrobe:  the summer one.  🙂

So What Is The Downside?

Is there one?  Well, it differs for everyone.  For me, leaving the kids is hard.  I miss them when we are away, and feel a little guilty that I’m not around to babysit in the winter.  We miss a few birthdays…Christmas.  However, I’ve also learned that life for them continues, and they all do just fine without us all winter long.  With technology now, we talk for free all the time.  I can even watch the grandkids open their Christmas presents!

My husband Mel, doesn’t get this emotional over it.  He’s like, “great seeing you guys this summer!  See ya!”.  He can’t wait to get back to his golf courses, sunshine, and relaxed way of life in the Caribbean.  He loves our family, but doesn’t need the day to day interaction that I do.

We have many buyers who spend 5-8 months in the DR.  As the years go by, most spend more and more time in the DR and less and less time in their home countries.  The DR becomes home and family comes to visit them!  Who doesn’t want to visit the tropics during a North American winter?


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