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What Do Our Buyers Say?

Below are some comments from just a few of our DR owners.

Dan and Sue

Pierre and Sheri

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to join the wonderful culture that this island brings to its visitors. We would also like to give a special thanks to Colleen. We have never meet her, but her videos worked and we are truly confortable with living here full time in the near future. Finally, I only asked one favorite of Bernie and that was to have dinner with my family at least once a month. I know that is asking much but, you asked us to trust you and trust means a lot to me and my family. Thanks you for picking us up at the airport and being an ordinary guy. It did not take us long to know that you were special. Vicki, you were the first person I ever spoke to about visiting the island. Me and Adi were truly excited and you sparked our interest to book the flight. My wife and kids absolutely adore you and see you as a friend and auntie for life. Thanks again for all your help as this would not have been possible without all of your help and guidance. Thanks again!!!

Fred and Adi

We used DR Properties to help us find and by our “perfect” home in the Dominican. The team is great at communicating and have the highest levels of knowledge and integrity. They continue to be a great partner helping out with great information. We will not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Keith, Julie, and Kirk

One unique thing about the Dominican is there’s not one true source for the listings of properties.  Vicki at DR Properties always provided realistic information and constantly researched properties for us. We were finally able to find the perfect condo.  Through the whole buying process Vicki was extremely professional; we will use her again. She will make sure you are well taken care of.

Stacy and Thomoas

My wife and I decided to sell our house in Canada in 2022 and buy a property in the Sosua area of the Dominican Republic in which to live. We are now the owners of a villa in Casa Linda!

The purchasing process was surprisingly smooth and simple as DR Properties are aligned with a top lawyer in the DR.

What has been so helpful for us is the after sales help we received, it wasn’t a case of sale complete, bye bye!

We were picked up at the airport and taken to our new home, some basic groceries were already stocked for us to get started and we received invaluable help and advice in the following weeks, knowledge that would have taken us a lot of trial and error to figure out ourselves.

So DR provides the complete package, smooth and simple purchasing process and the after sales help newcomers to the DR absolutely need. This is why we always recommend DR Properties to perspective buyers.

John and Mandy

We’ve owned since 2009, and so pleased with our choice to buy in the DR, and we are spending more and more time there.  We’ve made lifelong friends, love our casa and our pool, believe our quality of life has much improved.  Golfing every week in January – can’t beat it

Ken and Glenna

The DR is our winter escape for six months a year.  We love our home, sunshine, all the services – especially medical and the restaurants.  We’ve made amazing friends and can’t believe how much this has become our true home.  Highly recommend DR Properties.  

Denis and Jolayne

We love Cabarete Beach!  We purchased an affordable, 1500 ft2 condo just a few steps from the sand.  We love being close to the water, the watersports, shopping and restaurants.  We don’t live in the DR;  we are both still working.  We visit our condo for vacations and have a management company rent it the rest of the year.  We are very pleased with our purchase, love the property and the lifestyle.!

Teddi and Jason

I chose the DR for its outstanding weather and good value for the dollar. I chose a Villa Serenity with modifications to fit my lifestyle and wish list. I now have a great villa with a stunning ravine view. For now, my villa rents when I am not using it for vacations.


We have owned our DR villa for over ten years now.  We met Mel and Colleen at a trade show, and spent the next few years in communication with them about the Dominican.  We finally came down, loved it, and purchased a home.  It’s been a great experience, and we love our house and our DR friends.  We are still working, so we let our villa rent when we are not in the DR.  It’s made owing cost effective and our villa has been maintained, rented and cared for in our absence.

Charlotte and Greg


“… we are a couple of very happy snowbirds… No shovels, no icy windshields, no dead batteries, no freezing tootsies …..well, you get the picture! What we do have, for a very affordable price, are great new friends, great weather, an interesting beautiful caribbean country to explore and a very relaxing retirement lifestyle. Our new home in the Dominican Republic fits our lifestyle to a T… Three bedrooms, three bath, room for family and friends and a beautiful sea vista for us  to enjoy by our pool.  We enjoyed the excellent support, services and friendship provided by Colleen and Mel as we worked through the process of choosing and building a home. We continue to enjoy their friendship along with the other fantastic people we have met.

Nancy and Sheldon

Bruce and Connie

We were going to winter in our coach motorhome, but found our gas bill in Arizona to be over $400/month!  When we head south we want to be warm!  The DR has it all – great weather, reasonable prices, large community, and a wondersful lifestyle!  We now make the DR our primary home.

Hank and Myra

We so appreciate everything Colleen and Mel have done to make our buying experience truly amazing.  Their help was and is invaluable and gave us more confidence in the whole ‘out of country’ purchasing of real estate.  They came alongside us with support, advice and genuine interest in our plans and ideas.  My husband first met with Colleen in Calgary at a Trade Show and communicated with her for almost two years before we actually made the trip to the DR.   Colleen and Mel addressed our concerns and fears, we met other Canadian owners and now we both are enthusiastic, owners of a beautiful property in the DR.

Barbara and Peter

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