Tropical Home Trends

Tropical Home Trends:

A new home in the Dominican Republic generally offers much more in terms of “affordable, customizable options” than in North America.  Most of our buyers make changes to plans, but also add some interesting additions to make their DR lifestyle that much better.  Here are some new additions making their way into tropical houses and yards – tropical home trends:



1.  Outside Living Palapa

These additional buildings are being added to many villas. They offer an entire outside kitchen/bbq/ entertaining area.  This is where you will spend most evenings, enjoying the warm climate. There is room for an entire dining or living room set. These buildings also offer poolside washrooms (no more sliding through the house), storage, and even an additional guest room if you want.




2.  Outside kitchen on covered terrace

Your outdoor living space is key here in the Dominican.  Many owners put small kitchens on their terrace complete with small fridge and stove; sink; counters and bbq area.  It’s a great entertaining space and keeps cooking heat outside!


sun chairs in pool

 3.  Area for sun chairs in pool

For no additional cost, buyers are adding an area alongside their main pool to set their sun chairs into.  It’s a great way to cool off!


herb garden


4.  Herb Gardens

Why not?  Although fresh herbs are almost free in grocery stores, there is nothing like taking a clipping of your own rosemary or oregano right from your own yard!  I actually have an oregano shrub!  Lots of people grow them in pots on their terrace or balcony too.



5.  Ultra Violet Water treatment

The water from the tap is not potable in the DR.  Many of our buyers (and ourselves) have purchased a water treatment system.  This inexpensive unit makes our tap water drinkable and it’s sparkling clean for showers too.


water-features DR


 6.  Water Features

Unique pools:  Waterfalls, Jacuzzi’s as part of a pool, infinity and mirror pools.  Everyone loves the sound of water flowing – why not have it as part of your backyard?


indoor/outdoor shower

7.  Indoor/Outdoor Shower

It’s so cool to have a shower partway in your house and partway outdoors.  No better way to enjoy the tropics!

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