Why Invest in Dominican Republic Real Estate?

Yup the weather is amazing, but that can’t be the only reason….

The majority of our buyers come from colder climates so the biggest reason they choose to buy in the DR is its tropical weather.  I get it.  That was my first motivator too.   I’m from Alberta, Canada – it’s cold there in the winter!

However, there are many reasons besides climate to choose to buy in the Dominican Republic – some are almost as important:

Safe investment
The DR government is very investor friendly and forward thinking.  It has good GDP growth and invests in infrastructure and poverty reducing initiatives, including education.  It has trade agreements with almost 50 countries, the strongest with the United States and Canada.

Property in the DR is fully owned by the purchaser(s) and title is transferred to you, just like North America.

Robust Rental Market:
For investors, the DR offers two types of rental income:  vacation rentals and full time rentals.  Both offer excellent return on investment with 5-10% returns depending on the property.  Short term vacation rentals produce the best; however, long term offers the surety of steady income.  Property managers are plentiful with lots of experience, marketing, and transparency to owners.  If you’d like more information about rental returns, please message Bernie Tietz in our office:  cell/WhatsApp: 1-809-804-0607 or bernie@drproperties.ca.  He can give you lots of solid information.

The DR remains one of the most affordable countries in which to purchase real estate.  Executive quality villas and condos are generally much less than in North America, Costa Rica, much of Mexico, Panama and other parts of the Caribbean.

First World Services
Great restaurants, excellent medical services/care, nicely paved roads, fibre optic internet, good cell coverage, well stocked grocery stores, etc., all make for a similar life to North America, without the high price tags or snowstorms.

Easy Residency Process: 
If you choose to live full or part time in the DR, the country has made obtaining residency quite straightforward and simple.  For more info, click here.

These are just a few of the reasons why the DR strikes the best balance.  For more information, questions or comments, please feel free to call or email us anytime.

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